AE Seattle April Meetup

Our next meeting will take place on April 17th at Adobe in Fremont. For event details, see here.

Additionally we have some great speakers, Alex Perrault and Goldie Jones! There will be an optional meet up afterwards at The Fremont Dock.

As always our fabulous sponsors allow us to give away thousands of dollars in software every month, so come, learn and win some fantastic stuff!

See you all there!


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AE Seattle March Meetup!

Check out event details and RSVP here!

Come a join us for a good time @Adobe!

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AE Seattle Jan. 30th!

Hello everyone!

My name is Dorian, and along with Topher and Chad, I co-run the AE Seattle user group. I plan to update this site with each months meet up. Speaking of, we are having our next one on Jan. 3oth! Come and join us from 6pm to 9pm at the Adobe campus in Seattle. The address is 801 N 34th ST, Seattle, Washington 98103. This month we will be discussing expressions, showing off demo reels and networking. In addition, prizes will raffled at the end of the night. These include products from some of our lovely sponsors:

Video Copilot
Red Giant
Footage Firm
Imagineer Systems

For now, we are using our Facebook group to send out group invites, so please RSVP here. This event, and all future events of AE Seattle will be FREE! In addition, we are trying to get the site updated over at Adobe Groups. This has yet to happen, but soon it should and you can see event invites over there as well as we make the switch.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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AESeattle July 19th!

Hey Everyone! So we have quite the treat this month… We are going to have a rep (who it is is TBA) from Maxon showing off the new Cinema 4D working side by side with After Effects CS6! Bring your questions, inquiries, and all you got for the people from Maxon. See what C4D can do for your workflow with this awesome demo!

Also Maxon will be giving away a Cinema 4D Broadcast Package! MSRP: $1695

As always, we will show off our 5 Second projects so make sure you post those to the Facebook wall, as we will pull them up toward the end of the meeting. Of course, door prizes will be had…. :)

Sponsors include:

Video Copilot
Red Giant
Footage Firm
Imagineer Systems
And many more!


Make sure to join the Facebook Group and RSVP!  The address is at 801 N 34th ST, Seattle, Washington 98103  Event starts at 6PM and is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Nuke For After Effects Users Class

Motion Media & renowned NUKE Trainer Steve Wright bring you this unique Friday class that will explore and demonstrate the key features of Nuke as compared to After Effects, and equip attending artists with a basic understanding of Nuke’s powerful workflow.

Nuke has become the power driver of visual effects compositing today and is now used in virtually all the major studios around the world. However, there are thousands of digital artists using After Effects for their visual effects shots. While AE is a venerable compositing program with a long line of loyal users, when it comes to complex vfx shots Nuke’s node-based compositing approach is faster and therefore a more cost effective tool for visual effects shots. In this class we will see why it is that Nuke performs highly complex tasks faster and with unmatched feature film quality while addressing the following topics:

Who Should Attend This Class?
Current After Effects Users interested in Nuke, VFX Compositors Considering Nuke, Anyone Looking at taking Compositing Seriously, VFX, Post Production, Advertising Companies

What Do I Need to Bring?
Your Laptop, pre-loaded with Nuke (Email us for a free 15-day trial)

What We Will Be Learning
What is node-based compositing
Getting Familiar with the Nuke GUI
Why Nuke’s 32 bit color space creates superior quality
Color correcting tools that make the shot
The power of an integrated 3D compositing environment
Working with multichannel EXR images
Working with High Dynamic Range images
The joy of an integrated stereo workflow
What is NukeX: camera tracker and Furnace Core plugins

The Schedule
9:00am – Class Begins
12pm – Break for Lunch
1pm – Class Resumes
4pm – Class Ends
4:30pm – Adobe Interop Presentation Begins w/ Reception (Production Premium CS5.5 Giveaway)

How Do I Sign Up and get the AESeattle discount?
Click this link: and use coupon code “AESEATTLE” at checkout to make the price only $25!


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Hangout at Spitfire TONIGHT January 25th! 6:00PM

Hey everyone, sorry I wasn’t able to update this sooner.  Godaddy had some issues with my server, anywho.  Since last weeks meeting was cancelled, we are doing a little get together to hang out at Spitfire tonight, so come check it out if you can.

Event page is here on facebook:

AND PLEASE join Facebook and join the group page to get invites… we update that WAY more… 

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CANCELLED – AESeattle January 19th Meeting – CANCELLED



Hey all!  A little late on the update on the blog!  We are having our meeting on the 19th this Thursday!  I know it will probably be hard to get to the offices at Adobe with the snow, but if you can make it, that would be awesome!  Seth Monger is going to be showing some techniques he used on a project recently, and we will be showing off our 5 Second Projects for the last two months.

Of course there will be door prizes from our usual sponsors, as well as some soda and chips to munch on.  Make sure you bring business cards as well, because we will be doing a little bit of a hangout session getting to know each other a little better.

Official Event invite is here:

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AESeattle Meeting November 17th @ 6PM!

Our next meeting is November 17th at 6PM, at the Adobe Campus.

Agenda for the evening is still being ironed out, but there will be a presentation and giveaways as always!

What: After Effects Seattle meeting – November Edition!
Where: Adobe Campus (801 North 34th Street, Seattle, WA 98103)
When: Thursday, November 17th, 6:00pm

For the latest, check the Facebook Page.

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AESeattle October Meeting with Imagineer Systems!

We have a very special guest this month – Mary Pomplin from Imagineer Systems! Mary Poplin is Product Specialist for Imagineer Systems, the innovators of mocha planar tracking and visual effects tools. An experienced visual effects and motion graphics artist, Mary has worked on major 3D Hollywood feature films such as The Last Airbender, Gullivers Travels, and Jackass 3D. As Imagineer Systems’ west coast product specialist, Mary consults with film studios and customers to provide hands on training to help evangelize the power of mocha and planar tracking.

Mary will present mocha Pro’s practical examples of planar tracking, roto strategies and object removal. Additionally, Mary will be previewing an exclusive sneak peak technology preview of mocha AE v3!

Imagineer Systems will be giving away:
1 free door-prize license of mocha Pro software: List Value: $1495
1 free seat of mocha Projects training series from Curious Turtle. List value: $96

For more information, visit:

We will also be showing off some of our 5 Second Projects and how we did some of the effects in those as well, before Mary does her presentation.

As always, we will finish off the night with door prizes from our sponsors such as Imagineer Systems, Video Copilot, Red Giant, Artbeats, Genarts, and more that will be announced night of!

Hope to see you there!

WHAT: AESeattle October Meeting with Imagineer Systems

:  801 North 34th Street   Seattle, WA
WHEN: October 13th 6:00pm to 8:30pm

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AESeattle Meeting September 15th – Demo Reel Night!

On Thursday, September 15th, we’ll be at the Adobe Campus for the AESeattle’s Demo Reel Night! Bring along your demo reel (or a project you’re working on, or anything fun and AE-related!) on a flash drive or cd/dvd, receive constructive criticism, and get pointers on how to better advertise yourself.

As always, there will be presentations and door prizes!

See you there!

For the latest, be sure to join us on Facebook.

What: After Effects Seattle meeting – Demo Reel Night!
Where: Adobe Campus (801 North 34th Street, Seattle, WA 98103)
When: Thursday, September 15th, 6pm to 9pm

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